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Comanche Blood

Two men – one white, one red. Both are tough, driven, and as hard as the mountains and the vast, desolate Llano Estacado they inhabit. Former mountain man Zeke Tippett and revered Comanche warrior Gray Wolf are opposites in every way, but bound by a bond of blood and respect even as the years bring hardship, conflict and grief.

Mountain Rage

Having had enough of leading a fairly large brigade of trappers, giant mountain man Nathaniel Squire heads to the Rockies with just a few of his young friends. The small group is having a fine season, pulling in plenty of plews. But another group happens by and tells Squire that the brigade under last year's patron, Colonel Leander Melton, is in dire straits, having been raided by the Blackfeet under the direction of an old enemy. Squire and his group plunge headlong into an effort to save Melton and his brigade — and then, one way or the other, take to the vengeance trail.


He was known only as Shadowwalker, a name bestowed on him by Lochern, master smith in Swallow's Roost. Despite his humble beginnings, he has an aura about him, something that presages an extraordinary destiny. Anyone can see that, except himself. In his own mind, he was simply a free warrior, traveling the various fiefdoms of Tho'orn with a special companion. He does, in time, come to realize that he is on a quest, driven — or pulled — by something, though he knows not what. As time goes by, however, his search takes on a greater urgency as the flames of war begin racing across Tho'orn.


Like many men prowling the Western frontier, John Schilling is a bounty hunter. But he's not your common man-hunter. Schilling is a shape shifter, with powers far beyond those of regular men. When Schilling rides into Lupine, Colorado, a complication arises in the slender, beautiful form of Meg Travers. And when lycanthrope-hunter Professor Leopold Jaeger teams with the area's top dog, Luther Pettigrew, Schilling gets more than he bargained for, and he finds himself in a position he never been in before — helpless. But aid comes from a most unlikely source. Now unfettered, he gives free rein to the wolf side of his nature, and God help those who get in his way.