John Legg


John Legg has published fifty-five novels, all on Old West themes. To Face a Savage Land, published in September 2007, is his latest novel.

Cheyenne Lance and Medicine Wagon were published while Legg was acquiring a B.A. in Communications and an M.S. in Journalism. Legg is a longtime newspaper copy editor, having spent more than 27 years with The Phoenix Gazette and The Arizona Republic. He has been in Arizona twenty-eight years.

Since those two books, Legg has, under his own name, entertained the Western audience with many more tales of man's fight for independence on the Western frontier, including several historical novels set in the Old West, among them War at Bent's Fort and Blood at Fort Bridger.

In addition, Legg has, under pseudonyms, contributed to the Ramseys, a Western series published by Berkley Books, and he was the sole author of the eight novels in the Wildgun adult Western series for Berkley. He also was the sole author of the eight books in the Saddle Tramp series for HarperPaperbacks, and has worked on the Texas Tracker series for Berkley.

Keenly interested in all facets of American history on the frontier, Legg was a member of The Opposition, a living history organization dedicated to accuracy in recording and portraying the times of the fur trade until the group ceased operating. He also has published a number of magazine articles and a nonfiction book on the subject, Shinin' Trails: A Possibles Bag of Fur Trade Trivia.

In addition, he operates JL TextWorks, an editing/​critiquing service.

Selected Works

Frontier Fiction
The will to survive was all he had.
Frontier fiction
The trail was cold but his heart still burned.
Historical Fiction
In 1833, two mountain men founded a fortress on the Arkansas River--and built a legend on the frontier.
Western Fiction
When a man's courage was his only resource.