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To Face a Savage Land

Life for a greenhorn mountain man in the 1830s is one
of hardship and danger, and after being betrayed by a
man he believed was his protector, Hawley Cooper finds
himself fighting just to survive.

Buckskin Vengeance

Alex Campbell swore vengeance on the men who killed his trapping partners, and stole their furs, horses and women. Before he could seek justice, though, he had to bury the dead. Dogged by bad luck, yet driven by honor, he was on the verge of losing everything. But then two old friends put him back on the trail of the murderers and their just reward.

War at Bent's Fort

"John Legg blends fact and fiction to create a credible tale of life at Bent's Fort. His one major alteration of fact to fit the dramatic needs of fiction is an imaginary assault on Taos, New Mexico, in retaliation for the murder of his brother, Governor Charles Bent. However much I ordinarily disapprove of such fictional meddling with historical fact, Legg's scene evoked both my interest and my forgiveness. No forgiveness is necessary for the portrait of William Bent and other historical figures, and I award him three gold stars for his natural and authentic sounding dialogue. In exchange for his not making his Indian characters sound like Tonto, I would forgive John Legg if he located Bent's Fort on the headwaters of the Mississippi."
--Doris R. Meredith,
Roundup, Western Writers of America

Flintlock Trail

In St. Louis, the ferocity of Jacques Maxwell, a runaway slave of mixed blood, brought him to the attention of the Missouri Fur Company. And Maxwell was soon on his way west with other rough, valorous men. There Maxwell and his companions would be tested by the betrayal of Crow warriors.